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Help the YSF team stop Malaria!

This year, the YSF team will be sharing about the Imagine No Malaria campaign.  We’ve set a goal in the Nashville Area to raise $1,000,000 this year.  The YSF team has set a goal of raising $10,000 to help contribute to this goal.  We’ve already raised close to $2,000 through the campaign to wax Brad’s legs. You can join the cause by saving your loose change, foregoing the weekly Starbucks or Coca-Cola, or set a goal to save at least $10 between now and WnW15.  Watch this video to learn more about Malaria.

Facts about Malaria from TNUMC YPM on Vimeo.

Speaker – Dr. Derrick-Lewis Noble

Rev. Dr. Derrick Lewis-Noble will be the featured speaker.  Dr. Lewis-Noble is the Director of Church Development and Revitalization in the New York Annual Conference.  He began this appointment in July 2014.  He previously served as the Pastor of Crenshaw 1st United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA.

WnW2015 Promo from TNUMC YPM on Vimeo.