Tips for Checking into Gaylord Opryland Hotel Rooms

Important Tips for Hotel Check-in 

Best tip of the day:  PRE-PAY BEFORE ARRIVING – This will save you time at check-in. When you receive your invoice from Stacey Eakes, you can send your full payment anytime between now and 10 days before arrival. If you plan on paying with a church credit card Stacey can provide you with a credit card authorization form. Fill out the form and send it to Stacey and she will charge the full balance you owe and send you an updated invoice showing paid in full. Take your updated invoice with you for clarification when checking into the hotel. She will do the same if you mail a check payment. Make your checks out to Gaylord Opryland. Mail your checks to Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville TN 37214, Attention: Accounts Receivable

Send Stacey Eakes a COMPLETE LIST OF ROOMING ASSIGNMENTS BEFORE ARRIVAL The Front Desk needs this information to prepare the key packets. This will save time at check-in. If your room assignments chance, send the updated list to Stacey ASAP so she can make the adjustments. 

Whether you prepay or wait to pay at check-in HAVE A COPY OF THE INVOICE STACEY SENT TO YOU and hand it to the agent at the front desk. This will help the agent locate your reservations much faster. Stacey will provide the Front Desk with final copies of all groups before arrival.

If a group is TAX EXEMPT SEND YOUR TAX EXEMPT FORM TO STACEY BEFORE ARRIVAL so she can provide you with the most accurate invoice with the sales tax already removed.

Important Tips for Parking Vehicles at Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Your parking pass is programmed to your room key.

  1. Your room key is what gets you in and out of the parking lot.
  2. Parking is $15.00 per night per vehicle.
  3. For rooms that have multiple adults driving a vehicle to be parked in the Opryland Hotel parking lot notify them at check-in that there will be more than one vehicle associated with that room key.
  4. IMPORTANT, since you will need your room key to leave the parking lot, keep your room key when checking out of the hotel.
  5. There is a drop box where you can place your key as you leave the lot.