God has blessed so many of our young people with incredible artistic and creative talent. At WnW18, we saw this on full display as they shared music and spoken word and dance. We are excited to offer WnW’s Got Talent again this year at WnW19!


Scheduling Change:

WnW’s Got Talent will take place on SATURDAY NIGHT during the Late Night Offerings in the Delta Mezzanine.



  • Each youth group and each member must be in full attendance at Warmth in Winter in order to participate in the performance.
  • All acts must prepare a five-minute set.
  • There must not be more than 12 people on stage per set. Performers must be youth who are currently in grades 6th – 12th only.
  • Your set must contain no vulgarities, profanities, lewd comments, racist remarks, violence, dangerous stunts, sexual content, etc.
  • You must provide your own instruments, amplifiers, and cable if needed for your performance.
  • Your attire must be appropriate for a Christian youth conference. No masks or face masks permitted.
  • Performers are only allowed to participate in one act.