We are excited to offer a great selection of Workshops on Saturday morning. The total group of participants will be divided into 2 groups. Each group will spend 1 session in the GOEC in WORSHIP. When the group is not in the GOEC, they will have a variety of workshops to choose from. During this session, they will have the opportunity to attend 2 different workshops. There are workshops that are specifically designed for Middle School students and those designed specifically for High School students. Adults are welcome to attend any of the workshops but there are some designed with Adults in mind as well.

Guys, Faith, & Social Media

Speaker: Pierce Drake – Husband, Soon To Be Dad, Pastor


In today’s world being woven into a tapestry of God’s love is not only our in personal relationships but also our online presence. Come join us as we discuss what it looks like for guys to engage social media with their faith in a real and honest way.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – BAYOU A

Finding Your Thinplace

Speaker: Lilly Lewin – Sacred Space Curator, Creative


The word thinplace is a Celtic term for a place where the veil between heaven and earth is thin, a place where heaven and earth seem to touch. It’s the place where you experience God, and can feel God’s presence most easily. Everyone has experienced thinplace. It might be at the beach, or in the mountains, or watching the sunset. It might be when you create something, or when you run or cycle. The Celtic Christians believed there were specific physical places that were thinplaces, and these became places of prayer. Often a monastery was built near by.

Finding your thinplace means finding how you experience God and feel God’s presence. We’ll begin discovering where we feel God’s pleasure, and build personal and corporate practices to continue the discovery after Warmth in Winter.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – BAYOU E

Making Sense

How do we make sense of Pain and Suffering as Christians?

Speaker: Paul Tribble – Student, soccer-fanatic, twin, competitor


This workshop will focus on how we are all woven together in the sense that we all experience pain and suffering. How do we make sense of pain and suffering within our faith, and how do we learn to live and move forward together as Christians dealing with this?

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – CANAL D

What does God want You to DO when you grow up?

Speaker: Deech Kirk – youth minister, leader, dad


People often ask, “what you want to do when you grow up?” The better question is what did God create YOU to do? Come learn how you can discover how to BE who God created you to be, to DO what God has gifted you to do, and to GO where God is calling you to go! We will look at practical tools to help you discover these things and get you started exploring you place in God’s tapestry and how you can live into God’s call and plan for your life!

This workshop will be in DELTA ISLAND C

Girls, "What's Real Connection?

Speaker: Casey EnrightWord Wagon, Reading Advocate


Through the connections, we try and make through social media we confuse likes and comments on our different platforms as validation in life. We need to refocus and know that our true validation comes through the love of God and from those who are drawing us closer to God in our daily lives.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – BAYOU B

Wondrous You

Speaker: Jeff Streszoff & Gerren FishPastors, Listeners, Fathers


The role loneliness plays in the increasing violence we are witnessing in our communities. #wondrousyou is a movement created to counter violence by addressing loneliness. We bring students together from various backgrounds and allow them the opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued. We invite you to join the movement and make a difference.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – CANAL A

Duped by Juul

Speaker: Dr. Shelley Fiscus & Liz Johnson– Policy Makers, World Changers, 


Big Tobacco has only one mission and that is to addict new users to its products. Find out how you’re being targeted!

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – CANAL E

WnW Worship Choir

Leader: nYk pArtist, Creative, Singer


This workshop is limited to the first 15 MS/HS students in each workshop block. If you plan to attend this workshop, you will stay in the workshop for both workshop sessions. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER WITH THE FORM BELOW.

For the first time in years, Warmth In Winter will have a youth choir!! nYk p will lead a group of young people to sing with The Elias Dummer Band on Sunday morning during worship. 

The choir will be singing the following songs with The Elias Dummer Band. Click on the song to see the lyric video.

Manifesto by The City Harmonic, Holy(Wedding Day) by The City Harmonic, The Lion & The Lamb by Bethel Music and Leeland

Please plan to have a solid color t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans to wear in the choir on Sunday during the service.

This workshop will be in the DELTA ISLAND BOARDROOM

RED GROUP meets from 9:00 am until 10:45 am. 

YELLOW GROUP meets from 11:00 am until 12:45 pm.

Space is Limited, attendees must reserve their spot. 

God's Plan

God’s Plan: Finding your vocation as you journey with God.

Speaker: William Parker and PT Fellows


This workshop exposes students to Project Transformation’s definition of vocation and how, where, and why God is calling us to make our deepest impact in the world. Vocation is an essential part of being woven together as we continue to participate in the Kingdom of God. We hope you join us on the journey!

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – BAYOU C

Dancing your Story: Honoring our Body

Speaker: Regina Girten – dancer, pastor, social activist, mom

MS/HS Girls

We are all creations, made in the image of God. A creation is something that is brought in to being that never has been before. A creation is magnificent. Did you read that again? You are magnificent. Nothing like you has ever been created. In our world, we have been told stories and bought into lies that tell us that we are less than…that the creation of who we are is not “good enough”, “pretty enough”, nor “worthy enough.” As humans, we often allow these messages to give us unhealthy ideas of our bodies and what they are supposed to look like. In this workshop we will explore telling a story of our life through movement/dance and we will also discuss healthy body image from a Christian perspective. When we are able to fully grasp the beauty of each of our own bodies, we can allow the movement we have been given to create a new opportunity to broaden our ways of worshiping and sharing our testimonies with the world around us.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – CANAL B

Stay Christian in College and Have Fun, too!

Speaker: Abby Stanton – Admissions Counselor, Former Youth Minister, mom


Weaving all aspects of your life together is important. Don’t leave for college and rip yourself from the bonds that secure you to Christ. Be the same person you are at Warmth in Winter that you are in college. Avoid the double life that many college students find themselves living.

This workshop will be in DELTA ISLAND A

Youth Homelessness

Street Kids: Understanding Youth Homelessness

Speaker: Michael McGarvey – student, sarcastic, sassy


Every child in God’s story is important, but some are often overlooked and unknown. Homeless youth have been given the short end of the stick and need to be brought forward to a place of honor. It’s time they are brought back into God’s tapestry of love.

This workshop will be in GOVERNOR’S CHAMBER C.

Breaking The Silence

Speaker: Kris Lott – Coach, Dad, Mentor, listener, skier – water or snow


There are three suicides a day in Tennessee across all age groups. Youth suicides continue to rise across TN and the US.

The goal of the session is to train youth on the warning signs of suicide, prepare them on how to respond (what to do and what not to do) if someone tells you they are thinking about suicide, and where to get help. There will be a time for questions.

Each youth will leave with resources and knowledge on suicide prevention and a list of people they can contact if they are struggling with thoughts of suicide.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – BAYOU D

Engaging Your Neighbor

Speaker: Eric Little – Cross-Cultural Pastor


When we think about being “woven”, or stitched together as a fabric, we easily think of how a tapestry will include many different types of fabrics, of different colors, patterns, etc. In order for us to be a church with the goal of being woven together with our communities and neighbors, and ultimately within the church, being able to communicate better with cultural groups outside of our own will be critical. Understanding who we are, and our values, will help us be more understanding when we engage with those who do not share those values and are intrinsically different from who we are as Americans.

This workshop will be in Delta Mezzanine – CANAL C

Worshipers and Worship Leaders: Wisdom for Teenagers and Adults Alike

Worshipers and Worship Leaders: Wisdom for Teenagers and Adults Alike

Speaker: Matthew Grauberger – worship leader, husband, teacher, student, roller coaster enthusiast


Teenagers are not the future of the Church; they are part of the Church here and now. The Center for Worship and the Arts at Samford University believes that teenagers should be woven into the fabric of the whole worshiping body. This workshop will equip both teenagers and adults to further integrate intergenerational worship practices in their respective congregations.

This workshop will be in DELTA ISLAND B

The Holy Spirit in Life’s Tapestry

Speaker: Jennifer Peat & Friends – Daughter, Wife, Mom, Loved


The Holy Spirit was promised to us through Jesus to be an Advocate, a Counselor, and our Friend.  Our life is a unique tapestry woven together with the thread, rope, and yarn that the Father put together when He created us, and the Holy Spirit is one of the major three pieces that are woven into our lives.  In this workshop, we’ll learn who the Holy Spirit is, how He is woven in our lives, and how to live by the power of the Holy Spirit in our families, school, church, work, friends; wherever we are and wherever we go!

This workshop will be in GOVERNOR’S CHAMBER D